Thursday, 15 April 2010

Welcome Kevin!!! Stellina's new fitness expert and personal trainer

I am thrilled to announce that Kevin Steinmuller has joined the Stellina Events blog team of experts. Based in Park Slope, New York City, Kevin is an amazing personal trainer whose expertise is in strength training and classical pilates.

I use the word amazing because he is actually my personal trainer as well as my husband's. As you probably don't know, I have been exercising for ages - literally ages - from about the age of 15. When the gym and I have a good relationship, I go 4-5 days a week and do 45 minutes of cardio followed every other session with 45 minutes of weight training.

When I met Kevin he congratulated me on all of this hard work. However, I quickly realized that he was, as the English say "Taking the piss" or as we here in the US say - He was joking. Kevin's method is more about seeing results than about how much time I put into the gym. So now I go about 4 days a week to the gym and spend one hour or less but rather than watching tv on my favorite elliptical or bike, I spend it working out crazy hard but the results speak for themselves.

How are the results, you ask? Well, within just two weeks, I was able to feel tons more confident putting on one of my bikinis and suiting up for partying poolside. In other words - I was shocked and incredibly pleased. My husband, in addition to a better diet, lost 18 pounds working out with Kevin in just 7 weeks.

How can Kevin help you ladies? He knows how to give you wedding arms!!! In his entries here on the Stellina blog, Kevin will give you pointers on exercise techniques, nutrition and everything regarding wedding fitness and health.

Kevin is also a big fan of staying healthy - in other words, no starvation diets here and please do stay away from the scales. He is smart and really knows his stuff. I am amazed and I hope that you will be too! Can you just imagine being able to get to your ideal wedding figure while being healthy and happy? I know - it sounds pretty shocking but he knows how to make it happen.

Originally from New York City, Kevin was one of the top trainers in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is now back in NY and we are thrilled to have him.

I think that it is Kevin’s holistic approach to physical conditioning that sets him apart from other trainers out there. Incorporating the Classical Pilates repertoire with world-class strength & conditioning programming makes his programs not only unique, but also phenomenally efficient, which is exactly what I have experienced.

Kevin is a Classically Trained Pilates Instructor who holds the NSCA-CSCS, along with CrossFit and kettlebell coaching certifications.

Let's all give a warm welcome to Kevin for joining the Stellina team!!!

Stay tuned for Kevin's first post...

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