Friday, 2 April 2010

A new song to love for your wedding: Daisy Chapman's Umbrella

The wonderful and amazingly talented Pilley Bianchi - the founder of Bianchi Musica - a specialist in string wedding music, introduced me to this beautiful version of "Umbrella.

Originally sung by Rihanna, Daisy Chapman, in the words of all the American Idol judges, "made the song her own."

It is enchanting and heartfelt and definitely something to consider for your wedding. Just listen and enjoy!

To listen to a sample of Umbrella, please click here.

I just love it and can't stop playing is crazy pretty...


  1. I know! It's crazy, I couldn't stop playing it either! I was judging the Cover Division for the Independent Music Awards 2010, and was tired and cranky and this was the last song I listened to. I was completely sucked in and immediately energized by the sheer beauty of the song and chose her as the winner hands down. Gorgeous, surprising interpretation. We love Daisy!

  2. I've played this live at a few weddings in the UK. Am available for bookings of course!


  3. Wow Daisy! It is an honor to have you write on my blog.

    How can couples reach you for their weddings?