Monday, 12 April 2010

An elegant Vegas wedding - yes, I did say "elegant"!

I have just returned from a fabulous surprise birthday trip that I planned for my husband, Michal, to Nevada and Arizona. It was a blissful, adventurous and super fun four-day adventure.

I spent months crafting the perfect trip to the desert as I had never been to Nevada or Arizona previously. It turns out that the hotel was an enormous success!

We stayed at the Four Seasons in Las Vegas, which is directly above the Mandalay Bay Hotel. The Four Seasons was a peaceful escape from the craze that is Vegas. It gave us the perfect combination of relaxation and harmony to juxtapose the party-filled landscape of the city.

The hotel hosts beautiful weddings outside in their gardens on the Fountain Terrace and by the pool area that is full of luscious tropical trees, plants and waterfalls.

In addition, if you are looking to beat the summer heat, there is the Acacia Ballroom, the Four Seasons Ballroom and the Palm Lounge for indoor ceremonies and receptions.

The service at the hotel was top notch and the food was delicious, especially their chocolate cake. Overall, the hotel was definitely worth all five stars!

So if you are thinking of a Vegas wedding but want it to be more chic and pretty rather than an Elvis-ordained event, you must check out the Four Seasons...

In addition, I would recommend organizing a Sunday brunch at the Bellagio in their Jasmine restaurant. It was to die for!

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