Monday, 29 June 2009

Your First Dance: How to combine tradition, style and culture

So I am assuming that most of you have already seen the first dance on You Tube where the couple starts off dancing to Unchained Melody (aka: the song from the movie Ghost) and then breaks into a choreographed dance to Baby Got Back (see the link below). It is actually rather funny but how could you take this gimmicky idea and intertwine your culture and style whilst not making your first dance into a joke? Sue and Philip made it happen at their fabulous wedding on Lake Geneva in Switzerland.

What Sue and Philip did was combine the traditional dancing and culture of their respective backgrounds and gave it a modern twist. They began their first dance with a beautiful Austrian waltz. Then midway through the waltz, the music changed and on came Jai Ho from Slumdog Millionaire. All of Sue and Philip’s closest friends ran up to the dance floor with the bride and groom in the front leading in a choreographed dance. It was a huge surprise for guests and a sight to be seen!
By combining the classic Viennese waltz with Bollywood dancing, Sue and Philip managed to share in a lovely first dance, combine their two cultures, bring their friends into the mix and entertain all the guests. What more could you want?
Your first dance can be whatever you want it to be so why not be sentimental but also be a bit creative if that suits your style? It is your big day so have fun with it!

If you haven’t already seen the video I spoke of, take a look if you want to laugh…it is not in everyone’s taste but you will definitely giggle at least a little bit…


  1. An excellent and informative post! Such a lovely way to bring together parts of what makes the couple who they are. Combining cultural elements this way makes the celebration and festivities special not only for the couple but also for family and friends who can recognize elements of the familiar while sharing in the new. Beautiful, sophisticated, meaningful, and fun! It would be interesting to see how other multicultural couples make this work as well.

  2. Another thing to mention is how much fun the guests that participated had practicing the dance and having an extra surprise for the rest of the wedding guests! It was a real laugh!
    I found a short video of the wedding dance that took place on Amy´s blog: