Friday, 26 June 2009

An amazing idea for bridesmaid dresses that will have all your girls smiling!

Want to make your bridesmaids happy? Why pick one dress when they can each design their own (with bridal approval of course!)?

With bridesmaids from Los Angeles, Toronto, Amsterdam and Reykjavik – picking a dress could have been a difficult task for Sue. In fact, selecting a dress for all your girlfriends is difficult to begin with even if they are all living in the same town.

Sue easily solved this problem with an ingenious idea – Why not just buy a gorgeous fabric and then ship it off to the girls so that they could work with designers to create their own dresses? And so she did. With imported silk straight from India in a beautiful dark turquoise blue, each of Sue’s bridesmaids worked with a seamstress in their own cities to design their perfect dress. The only requirement was that it had to be cocktail length.

This is a great idea even if your bridesmaids are in the same city since most girls don’t love the thought of one uniform dress for everyone, especially when each person might have their individual style, and shape too!

With this approach you can choose the color you want that fits with your wedding vision but be sure to stay in close touch with your bridesmaids, help them find a seamstress to work with (if you are familiar with the area) and absolutely give them some instructions for the design of the dress (e.g. must be cocktail length, must be gown length, should be v-neck, dress needs to have a cap sleeve, etc).

The proof is in the pudding and these were very happy bridesmaids. Good work Sue!!!

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