Friday, 3 July 2009

The Kiss - Swap the traditional clinking of the glasses for this fun idea

After everyone was seated in the spectacular Montreux Palace, Sue and Philip made an announcement asking all guests to forgo a tradition that is popular in the US and Canada = tapping glasses with silverware to encourage the bride and groom to kiss. Typically, the glass clinking is accompanied by shouts of “Kiss kiss kiss” from guests.

In lieu of this tradition, Sue and Philip asked each table to come up with a way to say “Love” using their creativity and upon completing this task sometime during dinner, the bride and groom would kiss.

The table that had the courage to go first stood up and sang a verse of “All You Need Is Love”. Another table wrote and performed a haiku. Our table planned to do a cheer but through planning got so deep into conversation that before we knew it we were all on the dance floor.

It was great fun, bonded the tables full of people who cared about the bride and groom but didn’t know one another and just made the evening that much more exciting and interactive.

Whether you enjoy the traditional clinking of the glasses or not, this is a great idea to break the ice at dinner tables during the reception and to get your guests to get to know one another through a fun activity. If you like the idea, why not go ahead and plan a similar task to the tables but put your own spin on it?

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