Saturday, 4 July 2009

Stop and smell the roses: a Bride’s dinner and a Groom’s dinner the night before your big day

While it is customary to have the rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding, another option that I think is an interesting one is to move the rehearsal dinner either to 2 nights before the wedding or to have a rehearsal brunch the day before the wedding.

Why the change you ask? Because another great option is to spend the evening before your wedding having a bride’s dinner with your closest family and friends while your groom enjoys dinner with his nearest and dearest.

By spending the night apart you both get to have some time to relax, get all gushy with your family, talk about your crazy single days with your friends and share in the excitement of the day to come.

The dinner can be as fancy or as casual as you like whether you decide to have it in your parents’ home or at a restaurant in the area. It is completely up to you – the only requirement should be that it will take place somewhere where you can unwind.

A bride’s dinner could give you that bit of time you need to stop and smell the roses the evening before your big day.

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  1. Oh, Amanda, what a lovely idea. I love the way you write and just reading this is making me wish I'd had a 'proper' wedding - and had done this the night before! I don't suppose we can get divorced & re-married... : )

    That is something my dad always said: to remember to stop and smell the roses.