Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Luxury in credit crunch times

I got married last summer in July 2008. As my fiance and I lived in London at the time and had lived in Brussels the five years before, we planned our wedding in Italy and my parents then threw us a separate reception in New York. My fiance and I wanted a fabulous wedding but didn't want to break the bank so we prioritized. Despite the current economy, a bride shouldn't be punished for the day or year her fiance proposes (or when she proposes). So I believe that all brides should have their dream wedding no matter what the year. How can we do this you ask? Prioritization. Make a list and figure out what elements of your wedding will make your wedding perfect. What are the key pieces that you want to set the mood? Location always matters so do keep that in mind. New Yorkers are right in the mantra: Location Location Location. Venues set the tone of a wedding so choose wisely - Outdoors in the open wilderness? Under a tent or marquee perhaps? Inside a temple, church or cathedral? In your parents' house? It all matters. Beyond the location, you want to think about who you are - Are you foodies? Wine connoissieurs? Music lovers? Are you a fashionista or environmental activist? After the location, these are the questions that you should be asking yourself to decide what other elements should be prioritised. Beyond these top 2-3 items that set the stage of the wedding, that is where the other elements come in and where you can begin to cut costs. There are tons of cost saving measures and they aren't all DIY options so if you aren't crafty don't worry! Just keep in mind that the first major step you can make is to prioritise.

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