Wednesday, 4 February 2009

The Dessert Table – and you thought you could only have wedding cake or cupcakes….

Amy Atlas creates mouth-watering and uber-chic dessert tables that appeal to every bride’s, groom’s and guest's child at heart. She designs the display based on your wedding vision with scrumptious delights from wedding cakes and chocolate-covered fruit to truffles, cupcakes and gourmet candies.
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Two of my favourite deserts to add to a wedding table would be French macaroons from La Duree and chocolates from the Belgian chocolatier, Pierre Marcolini. Macarons are beautiful and taste like they fell from the heavens while the tiny chocolate squares with the gold leaves are like tiny bits of thick, rich chocolatey perfection – the way chocolate was intended to taste.

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If you are more of a DIY bride or if you just have to have a gourmet dessert table but are already prioritizing your wedding gown or the 21-piece swing band and don’t have enough room in your budget for all of the desserts, then don't worry - Here are some easy ways to create the dessert table of your dreams that won’t cost a fortune:

1. If you love the idea of a dessert table but want the big wedding cake for the photos and your budget doesn’t allow both, there is always the Styrofoam wedding cake. I, personally, love a great wedding cake and the tradition that goes around it but when you have a budget to work to and the dessert table with different types of sweets sounds like your style then this is definitely an option to consider.
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2. Go to your favourite bakery and work with them to select the cakes and chocolates that you love. Make sure to order them in advance so that all of your desserts match your colour scheme because remember – the idea is to have a chic and fun table full of yummy desserts that fits into your vision for the wedding, not a table reminiscent of a sweet sixteen party. So be sure to bring photos and ideas to the bakery so that everyone knows what the final product will look like. Then you could supplement the baked goods with candies or chocolates that would match your colour-scheme. Before starting, cut out photos of ideas and create a collage so that you know what you would like your dessert table to look like.

3. Another option is to have lots of smaller wedding cakes and skip the 1 wedding cake - because who ever said 1 cake is enough?

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