Friday, 6 February 2009

Best accessory for a Bridesmaid: A Perfect Date (something to make you laugh on a Friday)

Your bridesmaids are probably thinking – What is the perfect accessory for my dress? Pearl or chandelier earrings? Silver strappy Jimmy Choos? A fabulous bag to carry all elements that a bride needs to be her gorgeous self on her wedding day (e.g. perfume, powder, lip gloss, deodorant and Snickers bar for energy)?

Nope – the perfect accessory for any bridesmaid is the perfect date. I personally experienced the glory of my best friend bringing the perfect date (let’s call him Dr. Steve). Dr. Steve turned up after a 20+ hour flight from South Africa bright eyed and bushy tailed in a tiny rural village in the Italian countryside ready and more than willing to help with any and everything asked of him. The glory of this wedding date was that he wanted to join in on the fun of getting ready for the wedding. Everyone in the wedding party, as well as the dates that I was good friends with, all chipped in to help organise the villa for the wedding ceremony – from cleaning the pool area to sitting and putting the cones together petal by petal to throw after the ceremony. Dr. Steve, meanwhile, being a guest I had never met before, was not required to do anything but lay by the pool and relax. However, Dr. Steve happily jumped up and helped out with everything from the cleaning to the last minute details for the wedding. He kept the laughter going throughout all of the activities and managed any stress I could have been feeling – but never felt thanks to Dr. Steve, and of course my wonderful and beautiful maid of honour, bridesmaids and bridesman. Dr. Steve even went as far as to cue the wedding party when they should walk down the aisle and then cued the band for each of the speeches and the cake! Dr. Steve went above and beyond the call of duty of any wedding guest and he was rewarded in the end with a specialised bottle of Polish vodka from my husband’s family from Krakow, Poland.

This is an example of the perfect date and so with a cheeky grin, I would like to say to all brides-to-be: Please ask your bridesmaids to choose their date wisely, if possible, since their date if he is anything like Dr. Steve, would be the perfect accessory to their dress and the perfect gift to their best friend for her wedding day.

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