Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Drama Drama Drama

Weddings are amazing, beautiful and fantastically fun but in the run up to a wedding an upsuspecting bride and groom can face many obstacles and often too much drama that at times can feel like it drowns the wine and roses. If you are a romcom fanatic like me or a believer in fairytales or just someone that wants to plan their wedding without all the drama, then I hope to be able to help you. I am not a psychiatrist or even a psychologist - I am just a girl who got married and came up against one too many obstacles for her own good. So now whilst helping pick flowers, invitation fonts, calypso bands and castles, I am also here to listen and try to help people to see the bigger picture and figure a way back to happily ever after to what a wedding can be and should be - your most favourite and fabulous day ever...From now on, I will include a weekly feature Q&A regarding possible wedding dilemmas that you may come across. If you would like your question to be included, please email me at amanda.diamondstein-cieplinska@stellinaevents.com.

In the meantime, check out these message boards to vent your frustrations or to gain comfort from the fact that so many others are in the same pre-wedding boat...

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