Tuesday, 22 September 2009

A beautiful bridal bouquet for winter: Black & white gerbera daisies

Last week I was at Claridge's, a hotel in London, enjoying afternoon tea with a friend to say goodbye before I relocate from London to New York next week. When exiting the foyer, I saw the most beautiful flower arrangement that would make for an outstanding bouquet or centerpiece for a black and white themed wedding.

The bouquet was a tight bunch of white gerbera daisies similar to the photo above. It might sound simple but it was beguiling - just gorgeous and made me stop in my tracks to take note.

Whilst winter is still months away, this bouquet had me picturing snowfall and a winter wedding. Maybe it was the stark contrast between the winter white petals and the dark insides. Or maybe it was just the essence of the gerberas, which usually tend to look modern to me but these had a look all their own - one that could work in many locations from a modern loft setting to a country estate covered in snow.

So for all you winter brides out there, here is a bit of inspiration…

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  1. Elegant bouquet!! Thanks for the idea!! The bunch of white gerbera daisies looks STUNNING!!