Wednesday, 30 September 2009

ASK THE EXPERT: How to get Perfect, Luscious Lashes

Hi ladies,

My current favorite mascara at the moment is MAX Factor volume couture. It comes in waterproof (just in case) for your very special day. The brush is flexible and has very small teeth to comb into each individual lash while keeping the curl, and adding a thick luscious coat of product without looking clumpy.

First, curl your lashes with a lash curler by Shu Uemura. Then use your index finger to lift the eyelid, applying the product starting on the root of the lash, next to the skin under the eye. Brush the mascara all the way through to the end. This creates a fuller and thicker lash line, and distributes the product evenly throughout each lash.

If you want a really full, thick lash angle the wand vertically and use the tip of the brush on the ends of the lashes to add extra volume. If you feel that you added too much product or want to tone it down, use a clean mascara wand (sold at most drugstores) to comb through the lash.

For the ultimate lash that will open up the eye and make them pop in photos, have your makeup artist apply individual fake lashes using waterproof glue by DUO, (sold at Ricky's in New York and other beauty supply stores).


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  1. The eyelasher curler she recommends is THE BEST ONE OUT THERE! My sister let me borrow hers and I will be going to Nordstrom soon go get one. Really good advice here!