Thursday, 7 May 2009

Hippy Chic: How to go green on your big day

So you want to have a fabulous wedding but you want to be kind to the earth as well. Not to worry – there are lots of different ways big and small that you can be environmentally friendly and savvy…just find the right ways for you. Here are some ideas to inspire:

10 Steps to a Green Wedding by the Sierra Club
Go to the Sierra Club’s website and find out what they say are the 10 steps to creating a green wedding from your choice of invitation paper to the location – you can help nature every step of the way.

Green wedding gowns (in white of course!)

If you are more of the hippy type or just want to ditch the satin for a dress more eco-friendly that is amazingly designed and innovative, check out Alabama Chanin’s latest line of wedding gowns. The label’s designer/owner Natalie Chanin is known for her folk-inspired, detail-rich collections and now she adds wedding couture to her lifestyle brand. The 50-piece collection consists of v-neck gowns, relaxed, tunic inspired dresses, as well as skirts and tanks. Depending on your style, some of the pieces would even be perfectly suited to a rehearsal dinner or a day after brunch or BBQ.

Each gown is hand-sewn by artisans living in her local community of Florence, Alabama while the actual stitching techniques used to create the gowns originated in the US Depression-era South. To keep the dresses as eco-friendly as possible, the materials used are a combination of certified organic cotton and recycled materials, which help reduce the “footprint” of the dresses. Each piece of the collection is made in-house and manufacturing is only begun when an order is confirmed, which helps to minimize waste. Any leftover pieces are then used to create pillows, trims and bedding.

For more information on Alabama Chanin’s wedding couture go to:

How about an eco-friendly honeymoon?

Check out destinations in ecotourism like
to find eco-friendly hotels and tours around the world.

Invitations that even Mother Nature could love

Earthly Affair: Earth friendly invitations

Invite Site – eco invitations

Handmade paper invitations

Environmentally Friendly Registering

Why not top up your china and flatware registry by providing guests with an additional option of giving to one of your favorite eco-charities? Whether you want to give some love to the cuddly creatures, rainforests or marine life, take a look at the Wedding Channel link below to find the charity that is right for you:

Eco-chic Wedding Blogs

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