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Fabulously fun maps and gorgeous calligraphy: LAURA HOOPER CALLIGRAPHY

So you are planning a destination wedding or a wedding where you have tons of out-of-town guests or maybe you and your groom have decided to return to your hometown to celebrate your nuptials? For all of these reasons you should include a map of the location, whether as your Save the Date, within your invitation, on your wedding website or in a welcome basket when guests arrive. So why not make it fun?

Laura Hooper of Laura Hooper Calligraphy has found a way to make maps fun, creative and distinctly original. She illustrates colorful maps of your location (see photos above) that tell a story. If the location is of your hometown you can pinpoint important spots that tell the story of your childhood or if you grew up together, then the birth and lineage of your relationship with your groom. If you are getting married in an exotic destination and everyone is turning your wedding into a vacation, the map could point out where your vows and the reception will take place as well as the top tourist attractions in the area. The map could also be used as a guide for any activities you have planned for your destination wedding.

In addition, Laura creates tote bags with the maps printed on them – what a great welcome gift for guests! A map is often necessary but who says that it can’t be a fabulous tool to get guests excited for your wedding and make it even more memorable?

As you can tell by her company name, Laura Hooper’s talents focus not only on map design but first and foremost, Laura is a calligrapher. Her calligraphy is absolutely stunning. Whether you are looking for someone to address all of your envelopes or you want that special touch where each invitation is individually written out in calligraphy – she can do it all.

If you are looking to have a monogram created to ensure your unique signature on all of your stationery for your wedding and years after, Laura can create a personalised monogram just for the two of you.

Take a look at some examples of her work above. Laura is truly an artist.

While Laura is based in California, she works with brides and grooms from all over so if you like what you see, definitely check out her website.

For more information on Laura Hooper calligraphy and maps, go to:

Great idea! - WEDDING TREASURE CHEST (aka: Time Capsule)

Laura also has her own blog where she shares ideas and photos of prior weddings she has worked on. One of her contact’s ideas, which I cannot help but share with all of you because it is so amazing, is to have a treasure chest at your wedding which serves as a type of time capsule. Rather than describe it myself, see Laura’s description below. I just love this idea!

“One of my contacts at Elizabeth Anne Designs recently renewed her wedding vows and had the sweetest idea to celebrate with her husband and their friends and family - a time capsule guest book. Each guest was given a folder in which they had materials to write down their 2009 resolutions, favorite memories of the couple, predictions for the next 10 years and their favorite things today. They had also been instructed to bring a non-perishable item that represented them now. Their folders and items all went into an adorable antique chest. The happy couple completed the time capsule by putting in one of their own programs, that day’s newspaper, and other various keepsakes from the event. Maybe they will have another vow renewal down the line and dig into the time capsule.”

To view Laura’s blog entry go to:

If you and your hubby-to-be decide to develop a Wedding Treasure Chest then this will be the perfect excuse to get your family and friends together for an anniversary trip or party to open up the box, whether you want to celebrate after 1 year, 5 years or 10 years of marriage. You can open up the treasure chest / time capsule and share all of your memories of your wedding day and all of their special memories held within the box once again. What a wonderful way to celebrate your love and happiness…

To read Laura’s blog go to:

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