Friday, 8 May 2009

For the love of cupcakes: VIOLET CAKES by Claire Ptak

Are you looking for a sweet gift to give your guests at the end of your wedding? You know it will be late and they will have danced their stilettos off – so why not give them a sweet reminder of all the fun they had by sending them on their way with a beautiful cupcake or two? Wrap them up in pretty boxes and voila!- a delicious reminder for their trip home or the next morning of what a lovely day they had watching you and your beloved tie the knot.

If you, like me, are always in search of the perfect cupcake – one that has a light, moist and tasty cake topped with creamy icing that is not too sweet but full of yumminess and flavour - then definitely head to Broadway Market in east London where you can meet with Claire Ptak and try her fabulous cupcakes. Every Saturday, Claire sells her cupcakes at the market - you will spot the stand immediately when you enter the market so long as you look out for the "Violet" sign representing her Violet Cakes company. Not only does Claire offer cupcakes but she also sells mini cupcakes so you can give your guests a few different flavors to try. Mouthwatering flavors like Salted caramel, Coconut milk, Candied violet, Rhubarb & strawberry jam, Alphonso mango, Lime cream, Lemon cream, Vanilla bean and Valrhona chocolate cover the Violet cupcake table. Claire can even create a tower of cupcakes if you are thinking of forgoing the traditional cake for fun, individual cupcakes. A native Californian, Claire Ptak comes to London from the famous restaurant – Chez Panisse in Berkeley, CA – where she spent 3 years as a pastry chef. London is oh so lucky to have her now!

For more information on Violet Cakes by Claire Ptak, please go to:

To learn more about Claire, check out her profile in The Independent:

For information on how to get to Broadway Market, go to:

Additionally, Claire began writing a cookery column in The Guardian newspaper in the UK in November 2007. Take a look at her recipes within each article for ways to create mouthwatering desserts:
To learn about Chez Panisse in Berkeley, California, go to:


  1. Wow, I really want to check these out. I love your blog, I don't have to be an almost-bride to learn so much interesting things & just be entertained. Love the idea of Salted Caramel - just had that in maracon form @ Lauderee (sp?).
    What a great cv she's got, coming from Chez Panisse! Well researched piece, and beautiful shot - thank you!

  2. La Duree are my absolute favorites! Check out my Facebook page to see what a La Duree wedding cake made out of rose macaroons would look like:

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