Monday, 23 March 2009

WEDDING CHIC by Nina Willdorf = A Must Read for all Brides- & Grooms-to-be!!!

Wedding Chic: The Savvy Bride’s Guide to Getting More While Spending Less by Nina Willdorf, the author of City Chic, is a must read for all brides and grooms of all budgets no matter what city or country you live in. Whilst the book is targeted to the US market, most of the information, hints and tips can be applied in other countries as well. It even has helpful hints from many famous names in the wedding and fashion business (Sylvia Weinstock, Frédéric Fékkai and David Tutera to name a few).

This book isn’t about going cheap, it is about being smart and having the right information to go into meetings with your vendors prepared – knowing where you can cut costs and what little tricks will help you save money where you least expect it. Wedding Chic is an easy and enjoyable read with topics ranging from which flowers to select depending on the season, to how to structure your bar and what types of champagne or wine to buy, to what type of cake frosting tastes best and is budget friendly (buttercream!).
This is truly a wonderful book for all brides- and grooms-to-be. It covers all of the subjects you need it to and will help you to make smart decisions along your journey to the aisle. Nina Willdorf has created a go-to guide for how to have a chic and luxurious wedding of a lifetime without breaking your bank. If you don’t already have this book in your library, go out and buy it today!

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