Thursday, 12 March 2009

DRAMA = Your troublesome friend…do you invite them?

Everyone has a friend who causes trouble – whether they drink too much and get nasty or they whisper secrets behind your back or they have a not-so-nice history of not getting along with many of your other friends. The big question when it comes to your guest list is: Do you need to invite them?

The answer isn’t clear cut. Is this a very good friend of yours or an old friend who has hung around your inner circle? Is it an acquaintance that you happen to know through others? Or is this one of your closer friends who over time you wish you weren’t so close with after all?

- If this person is an acquaintance that you only see occasionally, is not within your inner circle of friends, and you don’t feel obligated to invite them, then your answer is simple: Don’t invite them.

- If this person has been a good friend of yours in years past or now but can act out from time to time or drive you mad occasionally, then the key to the answer is whether you want this person to remain in your life after your nuptials. If the answer is yes, then no matter how much you fear this person’s attendance at your wedding, you should definitely invite them.

- If this is a friend who you have been close with for many years but in recent years you have drifted apart and this person’s friendship only brings you grief and unhappiness, then the question should actually be focused on whether you actually want to be friends with this person at this point in your life and in the future, rather than solely focusing on your guest list.

At the end of the day, if a little voice inside you says that you care for this person and take pleasure having them in your life, then do keep in mind that not inviting them to your wedding is not something that can be easily fixed with an “I’m sorry” so the answer is clear: Invite them.

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