Saturday, 28 March 2009

The key to all Bachelorette Parties & Hen Dos = The Flow

Whether you are organizing a weekend in Vegas, a spa day and afternoon tea in London, a night out on the town in New York, or taking a pole dancing class followed by games and karaoke – no matter what you plan, the key to all bachelorettes and hen dos is the flow of the party. In order to keep the flow going from one event to the next do spend time making sure that the time allotted for each activity is sufficient and that you allow enough time to get from one location to another. While you may not want the bride-to-be to know what you have planned, do share the details with the other bridesmaids and party attendees so that all of your guests can organize transportation, have the right wardrobe as well as make sure to let them know what the prices for each activity cost so that it is all transparent when you ask them for the money (Etiquette note: make sure to do the money transfer before the bride arrives or via bank transfer or check so that she is not privy to any of the financial transactions).

As maid of honour or chief bridesmaid you have put a ton of work into organizing this fab party maybe even down to the tiniest detail but like with any good party you have to be ready for anything - people could be late and throw off the timing of your events, the tour of the town could turn out to be a bore or the bars you selected from your guide book might end up being on the wrong side of town. When you see that things are not going according to planned, work with it – think Carpe Diem. See what choices you have around to take advantage of. Could you hop in the car and go on a road trip? Is there a place to go shopping nearby? A good bar that you know in the neighborhood or the next city over? For example, during my good friend Irina’s bachelorette in Antwerp, Belgium we had just left dinner and cocktails at a sushi restaurant and were headed to a bar when we came upon a carnival and decided to take advantage of the fun within. We went in the haunted mansion, ate cotton candy and even won Irina a magic wand after one guest won a shooting game. After about an hour of playing around we headed to the bar and continued the night of fun. Don’t underestimate the fun that can be had by seizing the moment. The key to the party is to keep the bride-to-be happy so keep the adventure and surprises coming to ensure a smile on her face at all times!

Also, just a note regarding games: whilst fairy wings and large plastic tiaras may not be your style, I am a firm believer that games are a great part of any bachelorette party or hen do. Games ensure that the bride is the center of attention (where she should be of course) and they also allow everyone to relax, be silly and have a good time (add cocktails if you want to add some spice to the game playing).

Good luck party planning!

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