Thursday, 25 March 2010

Going gaga for Telephone? How about a 4th of July party to accompany your wedding festivities?

I just love the new Lady Gaga / Beyonce Telephone video and am finding it quite addictive, especially when I am on the bike at the gym - definitely a way to stop me from getting bored while trying to prep for summer!

I especially love the costumes the girls are wearing in the diner - probably my favorite bit of the video. They remind me of Wonder Woman but with a modern, risque twist. In fact, this scene inspired me to write this post...

If you are having a late June or early July wedding, why not throw a 4th of July party for your friends and family as part of the wedding festivities?

You can go fun and crazy with Gaga and Beyonce inspired attire (as risque or conservative as you like of course!) and dress up the entire space with kitschy Old Americana decor.

From old school Diner signs and menus to American flags, lunch boxes and dart boards. You could serve the food on diner-like plates.

The menu could include all of your favorites from an all day breakfast (pancakes, waffles, eggs) to burgers, franks, chicken and don't forget the fries! Be sure to top off the menu with ice cream sundaes and apple pie. Yum...

Whether you plan it as a rehearsal lunch/dinner party, a day after the wedding BBQ or an engagement party - keep it quirky and not too serious.

Remember: The key is to make it fun!

P.S. I thought you might appreciate the pic of me at my last 4th of July BBQ soiree. We decked out the house in American flags, served salads and BBQ steaks with homemade lemonade and blasted good ol' American rock and roll...definitely a party to remember!

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