Saturday, 13 March 2010

All About the Brooklyn Bridal Show at BAM!!!

Last Sunday's Brooklyn Bridal Show at BAM was a success! It was a wonderful event with tons of great vendors.

For all of you who attended - it was so fantastic to meet you and I look forward to hearing from you and hope that we can work together soon!

During the event I made a presentation on "How to Create Your Wedding Vision". My presentation focused on the steps that you should take to create the wedding of your dreams.

If any of your missed the presentation or were unable to make it to the bridal show, please email me at and we can organize a complimentary consultation to discuss your upcoming wedding.

Laura Pugliese, our resident Stellina Events professional makeup artist, attended the show doing complimentary makeup trials throughout for all brides and their friends in attendance. She created gorgeous, red carpet worthy looks that brought out the best features of all of the brides-to-be. They looked glowing and oh so naturally pretty - the perfect look for your wedding day!

Marcos Diaz from ION Salon was also at the Stellina Events booth doing free hair trials for everyone. I especially loved his version of a perfectly messy, yet beautiful, asymetrical knot tied at the base of the neck.

I met with Phoebe from Opalia Flowers, who had some gorgeous flower arrangements on her table. She is an old friend of mine from college with a flower shop on Atlantic Avenue. She is just a doll - so sweet, talented and a pleasure to work with.

Sarah from Blossom and Branch worked with Jillian from 100 Layer Cake to design a fabulously fun wedding table with tons of bright colors, just perfect to usher in Spring.

Meanwhile, Bella from Fleurs Bella, crafted an absolutely magnificent chuppah that took my breath away. Check out the photo above from Fleurs Bella - such a pretty bouquet made a bit quirky and unique by the addition of a tomato can. Loving it!

My booth was right across from Betsy at Nine Cakes. She so very kindly let me have a cupcake or two and they were just scrumptious!!! I can't say enough about the cupcakes - they were light, tasty and fluffy, while the frosting on top was light as air and melted in your mouth. If you are looking for a wedding cake, there is not doubt about it - go check out Nine Cakes!

Two other delicious treats that I adored at the show came from Fine and Raw Chocolates and Tumbador Chocolates. As a girl who spent five years living in Belgium, I know my chocolates and while I can snack on a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup or enjoy a peanut M&M, in my heart I am a bit of a chocolate snob. I love good chocolate that is made with tons of cocoa and that is fresh.

Tumbador Chocolates goes to the heart of my adoration for interesting flavored top quality chocolates with flavors that bring in hints of lime or green tea - such a great gift for the chocolate lover and person who likes to experiment with chocolates.

Fine and Raw has exquisite chocolates, like their signature bonbons. Their bon bon bar is a big bar of the best quality, organic chocolate with a line down the center of their soft, smooth, bon bon truffle that is to die for. Really and truly amazing. If you are a member of the Food Coop in Brooklyn on Union Street, you can find their chocolates there and their ice cream too!

Kathi Littwin Photography
was at the event as well. Her photos are so beautiful - they just make you wish you were a guest at the weddings that she has photographed.

Erin Wigger from Leigh Photography was so sweet. From her photographs, you can tell that she has a sense of humor and appreciates couples who like to have a good laugh and enjoy their wedding day to the utmost. She even offers couples the option of a crazy booth where they and their guests can have a laugh dressing up for a funny photo shoot during their wedding.

Kelly Guenther
, a Pullitzer Prize Winning photographer, was at the event as well. I really like how artistic her photos are - perfect for hanging on the wall as an exhibit in your apartment or house after your big day.

Bond Street Productions
is a videography company and they have such a cool, vintage aesthetique...a perfect fit if you are going for a vintage or retro theme for your wedding!

Overall, the Brooklyn Bridal Show at the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) was a fantastic event. Thanks to Great Performances for hosting the event. It was such a joy!!!

Congratulations to all brides- and grooms-to-be who attended the event!!!

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