Monday, 9 November 2009

Calling all wedding guests...RENT THE RUNWAY

This post is for all fashion-conscious women and girls who have upcoming weddings to attend but nothing to wear (not really nothing but nothing in our minds that we aren't bored with or is not exciting or fabulous enough for this specific event).

I would like to introduce you to Rent the Runway. It is a new service quite similar to Netflix that allows you to rent clothing straight from the runway and then mail it back after you wear it. It is an ingenious idea making runway fashion accessible to a much larger audience especially during this uniquely trying time where our purse strings are a bit tighter than usual.

The service is in high demand so if you are looking for the perfect runway gown to strut your stuff at your next party or wedding, then get your fingers typing in the following address and get yourself on the wait list!

Check out today's article on Rent the Runway in the New York Times.

Happy shopping!


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