Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Smart gown shopping

While you are attending appointment after appointment at department stores and bridal shops looking for the perfect wedding gown, don’t forget to take note of the prices of your favorite gowns. When you find one you like, make sure to price it out at all of the stores in your area since department stores many times will have different prices. Saks Fifth Avenue in the US, for instance, is a good store – they tend to price the same gown or tuxedo lower than other high end department stores.

If you find a gown you like, definitely do your research to find out where the designer is holding upcoming trunk shows in your area since you may have the opportunity to meet the designer at the show as well as get a discount on the gowns.

If you have found a few gowns you love but you aren’t getting married until the following year, why not wait until the big sales? Bridal designers come out with new designs twice a year so all of the gowns left over from previous collections are usually reduced in price if you attend specific sale events.

For example, if you live anywhere near New York City you will definitely want to head to Kleinfeld’s biannual sales event.
Go to for more details.

For a list of Kleinfeld’s upcoming trunk shows go to:

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