Saturday, 4 April 2009

A Great Tip to Finding a Fabulous Makeup Artist (no matter your price range or location): MAC

Looking for an amazing makeup artist but can’t find the right one or have found a bunch but not in your price range? No problem! MAC really solves these problems for brides making it easy to find a qualified makeup artist no matter where you live or your budget.

If you have searched high and low for a makeup artist but can’t find one that knows how to use makeup to compliment your natural beauty (rather than lay on the lavender eye shadow and heavy foundation) then look no further than MAC. All of the makeup artists at MAC stores and at MAC stands in malls are trained makeup artists. A lot of them work at MAC for a day job and freelance on the side at photo shoots for ad campaigns, magazines, TV, movies or theatre – these are real professionals who treat your face like a canvas and whilst they can do the crazy dramatic makeup, they are also pros at the basics which is turning any girl into a blushing bride by enhancing her natural beauty, which is what your wedding look should be all about. Fees for makeup artists at MAC to come to you on your wedding day are based on the professional’s background and base location (e.g. NY and London artists would most likely be pricier than those based in smaller cities)

If you are looking to spend some money on your makeup but nowhere near $250 or £200, then why not make an appointment for a consultation with a MAC makeup artist at the local MAC shop or stand to get some ideas? There is a fee for the consultation (see below) and then rather than hire the makeup artist for your wedding, why not just buy the products that you really like for your wedding and then have a good friend or family member who you know and trust that is talented at painting her face to have her do your makeup on your wedding day?

If, however, you live in a city that doesn’t have a MAC shop or a stand at your local mall, don’t fret! The MAC website (the main one) has two fabulous services (free of charge!) that can help brides-to-be design their look.

One service is called Email an Artist, where you plug in your contact details, your attributes (eye colour, skin type, skin tone, hair colour, etc) and your big question (e.g. I am looking for a perfect wedding look, I want dewy skin, a smoky eye but not too smoky, and a light peachy lip – please help!). Then a MAC makeup artist reviews your question and emails you a full list of instructions as to how to create your look, which MAC products you should use and how to use them to create this look. You can then purchase products if you like since they deliver all around the US and UK. If you choose this option, I would highly recommend selecting some ideas beforehand from magazine photos so that you can have a reference to the looks you like.

Another service is called Chat Live with an Artist. With this service you can speak to a MAC makeup artist live online on instant messenger to brainstorm ideas with them regarding your wedding look. This is just another great way to get some direct advice from MAC makeup artists when you don’t have a MAC shop nearby.

MAC makeup is certainly one of my favourites – they have wonderful shades, great products and amazingly talented makeup artists. If you are having trouble finding a makeup artist, then definitely check them out!

Prices for consultations vary by location:
In the US consultations cost $50 and you get a free mascara
In the UK consultations cost £25 and the price comes off any product you buy

In the US (or for the two online services above) go to:

In the UK go to:

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