Thursday, 3 June 2010

Madeleine and Tora's engagement shoot in Prospect Park is on Style Me Pretty!

You may recall Madeleine and Tora's engagement shoot in Battery Park, NY a few weeks ago. Well, the first part of their shoot that I styled as well and was photographed by Jen Huang actually took place in Prospect Park including a walk through the forest, down by the lake and a bit of playful fun in the meadows.

To read the article all about their shoot on Style Me Pretty, please click here.

My inspiration for this shoot came from a photograph that I saw of a girl in a meadow. It was so beautiful and with Madeleine's gorgeous, soft, graceful natural beauty, I thought that an enchanted forest would be the perfect ambience for her romance with Tora.

In order to create their enchanted forest, I began by scouting locations and Prospect Park in Brooklyn, New York was an easy decision with its open meadows, tons of green forest-like spaces, duck ponds, waterfalls - it offered a ton of options for photos.

The next step was finding the perfect gown for Madeleine (aka: Maddy). She adores gem tones and this long flowing gown by 57 Grand looked just wonderful on her and suited the aesthetic perfectly! The rasberry color also looked amazing against the green of the trees.

Marcos Diaz from Ion Studio NYC did an amazing job giving Maddy soft, luscious curls. While Linsey at Facetime Beauty brought out all of Maddy's gorgeous features and natural beauty.

With Tora, we wanted his suit to compliment Maddy's gown. While he came all dressed up a great navy suit and blue shirt, I immediately ran to the tie rack and grabbed a pink tie to give his ensemble a bit of a pop! and to bring out the pink in her gown.

Kat Flower did a wonderful job creating the perfect bouquet for Maddy. The whole idea behind the bouquet was to create a bouquet that looked like Maddy had just randomly picked flowers during her walk in the meadow. I gave Kat the color scheme for the engagement shoot and asked her to make sure that it fits the look and feel - and it does, so well!

As for the pretty daisy chain in Maddy's hair - that was completely improvised! While we were shooting by the peninsula pond, I saw a bunch of daisies in the grass and decided Maddy just had to have a daisy chain. She loved the idea so we went with it.


  1. Stunning! Make sure Maddy eats though. She is so slight!

  2. Absoloutely gorgeous!!! Sue XO

  3. Absoloutely gorgeous!!! Sue XO