Wednesday, 2 December 2009

For all your single girlfriends out there: CITY GIRLS WORLD

Today's article is for all of your single girlfriends out there in the tough dating world and for all you married girls who love a good date story.

I would like to introduce you to City Girls World, a website that is dedicated to all city girls in Washington, DC and Philadelphia, though the guidance is out there for all girls to share no matter what the city.

The City Girls World blog was created by my very best friend Christie (the beauty on the right in the pic above) who currently resides in DC but keeps her passport and car keys on her at all times for the random adventure or date.

Christie created the site with her friend Jess to share their dating stories, advice, and interesting info about their local cities like the best place to go on a first date versus a third date, and bars with the hottest bartenders and prettiest bathrooms.

I am also very excited to share with you an interview with Christie and Jess in the Washingtonian today that is all about City Girls World.
Take a look:

So if you are heading to the alter but want to take care of your bridesmaids and other girlfriends, let them know about City Girls World. It's a fun site with great info and is highly entertaining.

You can find City Girls World at the following link:

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  1. Amanda is awesome! Ladies, sign her up!! Also Amanda, mary is coming for you again :)